Components: Tetrahydro Phenyl Imidazo Thiazole “Malinaw na Mata, Malinaw ang Panalo” Do you know that gamefowls have eyeworms? If not properly treated, they may affect the eye or may cause blindness to the fowl. Oxy Rid is the only eye dewormer for gamefowls in the market.

It is formulated to prevent and treat eyeworm infestation. For Prevention and Treatment of the ff: Eye Worm

Dosage and Administration: Prevention: One drop of OXYRID Eye Dewormer per eye of gamefowl Make it a habit to use OXYRID Eye Dewormer once a month together with ASTIG Premium Dewormer and ZERO MITE Shampoo.

During conditioning period, give 1 drop of OXYRID Eye Dewormer per eye 7 days before the fight.

Heavy Infestation: Two drops of OXYRID Eye Dewormer per eye and repeat after 2 weeks and maintain usage every month. Note: Per 5ml of OXYRID Eye Dewormer contains 80 drops good for 40 cocks/hens