Components: Cypermethrin + Tea Tree Oil – 3 in1 Shampoo Balahibo pa lang… Panalo ka na!!!

Zero Mite is the only gamefowl shampoo in the market that has multiple uses, Aside from being anti-parasitic, it’s also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial function. For Prevention and Treatment of the ff: Anti-parasitic -Eliminates and prevels all external parasites including red mites, ticks and lice Anti-fungal -Helps eliminate ringworm (buni or kaskaro) that affects gamefowl Anti-bacterial -Helps in treating initial signs and symptoms of bumble foot (tibak) Good for 12 gamefowls

Dosage and Administration:

Red Mites, lice and ticks Mix 1 sachet to 2 gallons of water Dip the bird into the mixed solution Do not rinse, allow sunlight to dry up the solution In case of heavy infestation, double the dosage Ringworm (Buni or Kaskaro) Clean the affected part Put the pure solution of ZERO MITE to a cotton bud then apply it to the affected area. Do it in the morning and afternoon daily until ringworm is gone Early signs of bumble foot (Tibak) Clean the affected area with water Put the pure solution of ZERO MITE into a cotton then apply it in the affected area Do it in the morning and afternoon for 7-10 days.